The Linked Open Data Cloud



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Anyone can contribute a new dataset. Please contact John P. McCrae to add your dataset



The dataset currently contains 1,184 datasets with 15,993 links (as of April 2018)

About the diagram

This web page is the home of the LOD cloud diagram. This image shows datasets that have been published in the Linked Data format.


The diagram is maintained by John P. McCrae for the Insight Centre for Data Analytics. The following people have previously maintained the diagram or have also helped in current development of the diagram:

Contributing to the Diagram

First, make sure that you publish data according to the Linked Data principles. We interpret this as:

  • There must be resolvable http:// (or https://) URIs.
  • They must resolve, with or without content negotiation, to RDF data in one of the popular RDF formats (RDFa, RDF/XML, Turtle, N-Triples).
  • The dataset must contain at least 1000 triples. (Hence, your FOAF file most likely does not qualify.)
  • The dataset must be connected via RDF links to a dataset that is already in the diagram. This means, either your dataset must use URIs from the other dataset, or vice versa. We arbitrarily require at least 50 links.
  • Access of the entire dataset must be possible via RDF crawling, via an RDF dump, or via a SPARQL endpoint.

The process for adding datasets is still under development, please contact John P. McCrae to add a new dataset

Data and code

The raw data is available here. The diagrams are generated by LOD Cloud Draw.


WhiteColoredGraph file  Dataset list    Datasets
2018-05-30 png svg json 1,186
2018-04-30 png svg json 1,184
2017-08-22 png svg json tsv 1,163
2017-02-20 png svg 1,139
2017-01-26 png svg 1,146
2014-08-30 png pdf svg png pdf svg 570
2011-09-19 png pdf svg png pdf svg 295
2010-09-22 png pdf svg png pdf svg 203
2009-07-14 png pdf svg 95
2009-03-27 png pdf svg png pdf svg 93
2009-03-05 png pdf svg png pdf svg 89
2008-09-18 png pdf svg 45
2008-03-31 png pdf svg 34
2008-02-28 png pdf svg 32
2007-11-10 png pdf svg 28
2007-11-07 png 28
2007-10-08 png 25
2007-05-01 png 12